Yi-an and Yi-Fan talented brothers Gingo and Cole best buddies Edgar my little photo assistant Jonah the trouble maker Abooki Gingo Ugandan cowboy Coach George Ivan and his home Kid

Here so some of my friends in Uganda. Each of them has a story they can tell through baseball. I am really fortunate to have met them. The very talented but shy Taiwanese Canadian brothers who pushed other to become the best Gingo the first Ungandan cowboy. Cole and Gingo best buddies. Edgar my little photo assistant. Ivan who lives in the equipment shack. Coach George who created this strong baseball team despite all kinds of challenges. Abooki the smallest player who won the big game for Uganda. ”Kid” who lost a finger in an accident but would not give up his baseball journey… 

I am really fortunate to have met you all. Thank you for allowing me to tell your stories through these photographs.

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