Canada & Uganda meet for the first time On the way to Mpigi Instant connections are made Team Uganda Greagg Zaun conducting a practice Really appreciate Gregg for coming out Practice game kids mix with one another right away Snopp Doggy Dog. Instant friends

It was a moment I will always remeber. 

The Ugandan kids jogging up the dirt road. The Canadian kids lined up in anticipation. Big sports moments always give me chills, but nothing could compare to this. The kids were shy to begin with, but as soon as they shook hands, I know they must feel the connection among one another. There was mutual appreciation and respect for the fellow players. For a moment I had to step back a bit from taking pictures to soak this all in.  I know it’s only day 2 of the trip, but I have been so inspired by everyone here I know I am coming back again soon. Thank you baseball. Thank you kids. You have given me a new perspective on life.

If you are inspired by these children, please consider donating to Right to Play:


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